Island Green provides expert consulting and training to prevent targeted violence in schools and develop workplace violence prevention programs. We conduct behavioral threat assessments (also known as violence risk assessments or protective intelligence investigations) for educational institutions, high-net-worth families and public figures to evaluate the degree of dangerousness an individual may pose to others. 

Island Green conducts threat assessments to determine the risk of violence an individual poses to a potential target. The goal of a threat assessment is to detect potential acts of targeted violence as early as possible, prevent harm and protect the subject, the target and the community.  Early intervention is critical. Threat assessment investigations involve:

  • Identifying a person of concern and collecting, documenting and analyzing as much information as possible on the subject from a wide variety of sources, including the possible target.
  • Interviewing the subject to determine motive, intent and capability. 
  • Evaluating the degree of dangerousness the concerning individual poses to him/herself, the target or the community, at the present time. 
  • Developing risk mitigation strategies and recommendations to manage and support the subject and protect the target and community.

Our CEO spent a significant portion of her distinguished 25-year law enforcement career conducting, managing and teaching high-stakes protective intelligence investigations for the US Secret Service, the agency that founded the field of threat assessment. She interviewed and assessed the dangerousness of hundreds of individuals that posed potential threats to US Presidents. She oversaw and evaluated the sufficiency of all protective intelligence investigations in Washington DC, New York City and the northeast corridor. As an instructor at the US Secret Service James J. Rowley Training Center, she taught new agents to conduct protective intelligence investigations, effectively interview individuals suffering from mental illness, and to evaluate dangerousness and mitigate risk.

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