Private Investigations

Island Green’s exceptionally qualified licensed private investigators conduct fraud investigations, locate missing persons (skip tracing) and conduct surveillance and background checks for law firms, employers, insurance companies and private citizens. Licensed and Insured, Experienced, Discreet and Professional, We Get Results.  PDC002728.


Security Assessments

We conduct security assessments for high-net-worth families and major public venues, such as professional sporting arenas, hospitals, hotels, airports and train stations, and provide recommendations to improve physical security, enhance personal protection and defend against targeted acts of violence. Our security assessments have been used to protect US Presidents, National Security Special Events and enable SAFETY Act designation by the US Department of Homeland Security.


Threat Assessments

Island Green conducts behavioral threat assessments to assess dangerousness and mitigate risk, and provides expert consulting and training to prevent targeted violence. We develop campus and workplace violence prevention programs for educational institutions, corporate clients, high-net-worth families and public figures, and have decades of experience evaluating the degree of dangerousness an individual may pose to others.


 Law Enforcement Consulting

Expert consulting and unmatched expertise in campus and school threat assessment, law enforcement training and accreditation. We train campus police and school resource officers in threat assessment and management and guide campus and school threat assessment teams in developing effective programs to prevent acts of targeted violence. We also help law enforcement academies achieve accreditation from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board, and can guarantee performance improvement results while minimizing operational impact to your agency's mission. 

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